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Energy Surveys

Certified Home Tune-up Inspector

A professional home energy audit by Hinson and Jung is relatively inexpensive and provides invaluable information. After a thorough survey of your home, our licensed and certified professional can suggest measures geared specifically to your property that will make your home more comfortable and reduce utility bills.

We are qualified to conduct the Home Energy Tune-Up® either in conjunction with a home inspection or as a separate activity.

A professional home energy audit may include:

Use of a calibrated blower door

To the extent that is possible, the technician will seal your home and then using a special fan create negative pressure (don’t worry, nothing will be disturbed) which will draw air inside. This makes it easier to detect leaks and reveals areas for improvement typically not noticeable.

A thermographic inspection

This specialized test will result in thermogram’s (infra-red photos) of your home indicating warm and cool spots. Using this information, the technician can suggest means of equalizing the temperature throughout your home—these may include installing additional thermostats, heating vents or other environmental control devises in key areas. Learn more about thermography.

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  • 200% NO RISK GUARANTEE- If you are not 100% satisfied at the end of the Home Inspection, you will pay nothing. We will match the fee and you can hire another home inspector
  • FREE 90-day Limited Warranty along with a TPSP Security system inspection. The Warranty starts the day of the inspection.
  • FREE 143-page Home Maintenance Manual
  • FREE Phone consultations for as long as you live in your home
  • State of the Art Computerized Inspection Report with digital Photos – and Summary